Tuesday, April 17, 2012

“I embrace all things corrupt; therefore I am better than you”.

There are some things that you learn and observe. This is one of them…

“I embrace all things corrupt; therefore I am better than you”.

This is an attitude I see often at COS, specifically my art classes. (Although it happens all over campus). There are people who embrace being “corrupt”. The dictionary.com definition as I use it is: “debased in character; depraved; perverted; wicked; evil: a corrupt society.” So in reality, we are all corrupt because we are all sinners and fall short of God’s glory. But, not all of us pursue corruptness, revel in it, and embrace it! I have noticed that those who do take pride in being this way. 

These folks don’t live by the principles found in Proverbs and 1 Peter that say to shun evil, turn away from evil, pursue peace, watch over your heart and put away your deceitful mouth and devious lips. I try to live this way and because of this, I am aware of others around me who try to live this way. This is why I notice this situation a lot.

The situation usually goes something like this: (Lets say Larry is the “corrupt” one and Ed is the “innocent” one.) Ed and a group of people are talking together about whatever, good naturedly. The convo turns into something Ed would rather not partake of and thus it becomes slightly awkward for him. Larry instantly notices this because Ed sticks out like a sore thumb considering he’s not laughing or contributing to the new conversation. Larry grabs at this like a flame at oxygen and you can feel the attitude of “I know more about this un-innocent topic than you do! I have experience in talking about this, I am AWESOME and I must teach you young Padawan!” The group then sort of laughs and make fun of Ed, but in a non-bullying, non-obvious way. Ed just wants to leave because he knows the idiocy of the situation, is rolling his eyes in his head, but being polite on the outside. By now, the whole group, be it 3 people or 6, is aware of Ed and his un-comfortableness and they utter things like “poor guy” or “look at Ed!” or “we are corrupting him, hardy har har har!”
Topics include, but are not limited to, various sexual references, innuendo’s, or practices, porn, homosexuality, certain movies or music, body parts, etc.
Eventually Ed gets on with his activities but those people continue pursuing it when they see him. They remind him of their previous conversation and laugh at their abilities to try to “corrupt” Ed and make him “one of them”.

I have actually heard people doing this. One group said “Yes, we corrupted Billy!” (name changed) with pride in their voices and smiles on their faces! Some people actually do become like them, if they have no spine. Others stand on their principles and choose sanctification over corruption with the world. 

“I embrace all things corrupt; therefore I am better than you”.

~Laurel May~

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  1. I haven't been on your blog in awhile Laurel (or any blog for that matter;) so I'm a bit late in commenting but...Great Post!